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A Reliable Shipping Container

Since the evolution of mankind, man has faced the problem of storing and carrying goods. In the darker eras, people were negligent towards the need of packing. Things used to deteriorate before time due to long-term exposure to light, air and moisture. The development of science and technology has made people aware of the need of packing. People have understood the fact that packing not only protects the physical shape of the product but it also safeguards the chemical content of the item enclosed. Science has spread awareness among people about the harms and dangers of exposed products. People have realized that packing is necessary for protecting, storing and preserving things.
Packing is important for not only food items but other household or industrial items too. Exposed items are susceptible to bacterial and fungal attack. Food items decay very quickly if they are kept uncovered to air and moisture. Wood also deteriorates due to fungal and bacterial attack. Moisture can cause corrosion of steel and iron. Moreover, in the ancient era it was very difficult to transport things and a long-term solution was required for this problem. To overcome these difficulties, packing was invented.
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A brief history of packaging
Packing started with the use of natural materials as containers. Hunters used nuts, gourds, animal skin and hollowed pieces of wood to carry their prey. Woven sacs, wooden crates and pots or containers made of clay were used for domestic purposes. Modern packing however evolved in the 19th century. The demand for individual and smaller packing increased due to the industrial revolution. More durable and efficient packing evolved due to the invention of specialized machines.

The most efficient packing among all others in boxes. Boxes were invented in 1817 in England by Sir Malcolm Thornhill. Boxes revolutionized the packing industry. Earlier they were made up of paper but soon they were replaced by cardboard boxes invented by Robert Gair in 1890. Cardboard boxes now rule the packaging world and are the top priority of customers all over the world.

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Cardboard boxes are manufactured industrially and are used for carrying goods and stuff. They are made up of cardboard which is a thick paper-like material and can be folded into a particular shape. The thickness, shape, size, design, and color of the box depending upon the customer’s desire. They are used to pack all types of items for example food items, jewelry, crockery, medicine, electrical equipment etc. They are completely safe to use and guarantee the safety of the product hemmed in.
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Custom cardboard boxes
Nowadays customized cardboard boxes are available with no trouble. These boxes can be manufactured according to one’s requirement. The size, color, print, design, and shape of the box can be changed according to the buyer’s requirements. The custom cardboard box has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time due to their usefulness and becomes a fashion all over the world. They are preferred by companies worldwide and are also the top priority of people due to their attractiveness.

Why these boxes come in handy?
These boxes play a significant role in increasing the sales of a product. Following are some of the points which make these boxes the most popular among all the other substitutes available in the market:
  • They are lightweight and easy to carry.
  •  Guarantee the safety of the product packed in it.
  • They are strong and can support heavy loads.
  • They are inexpensive and are affordable as compared to other alternatives available in the market.
  •  These boxes are available in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs.
  • They are a source of attracting customers as they are often beautifully coloured and are printed strikingly.
  • They are available all over the world and can be purchased from internet as well.
  • They are the top priority of companies all over the world as they can be printed with company’s logo and design.
  • They are a good source of shipping goods across the country.
  • They have even surface due to which stickers such as that of batch number and serial number can be easily pasted on them.
  • These boxes sometimes provide the information about the item packed inside for example manufacture and expiry date.
  •  Due to their smooth surface they can be stacked on one another.
  •  They can be sealed or taped very easily and can be sent to retailers all over the world without the danger of damage.
  • The print and colour of the box can be changed according to the customer’s desire.
  • These boxes are made up of cardboard so they are pollution free and can be reprocessed very easily.
  • They are the most easiest and effective way of advertisement.
  •  In case of fragile item they are lined with foam or Styrofoam which prevents the item from breaking.
  • These boxes can be used for packing gifts and do not require extra wrapping.
  • They can also be used for craft projects as well.

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E-marketing is a new and improved way of buying and selling. People, who do not have enough time, prefer buying things online so as to save their time and money. Thousands of things are sold online every day and these boxes are used to ship the goods to the buyer. These boxes are a reliable way of shipping things to people houses and shops.

These boxes are the best option for transporting all kind of things all over the world. Due to their numerous advantages, they are favored by various companies. They allow the companies to pack as well as advertise their products through these boxes. These boxes help to boost the company’s sales and marketing. People rely on these boxes as they are easy to carry and are attractive as well. They act as an enhancement for the product and make it look more attractive.

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