Monday, April 3, 2017

The Procedure of Making a Custom Cardboard Boxes

In order to be successful in the world of small business, you must have to give something unique whether its packaging of products or product itself because success always chases unique things. You have to think in a way that could make your product stand out. Linking your packaging to your product is very vital in an environment of rivalry out there. You must have to find solutions in an identifiable way to enhance the worth of your product and packaging is one of the many ways which could help you to make your product stand out.

With the passage of time, more and more retailers doing online business and in these businesses Cardboard packaging is having more worth than another packaging.

Custom Cardboard Boxes are highly recommended out of all other cardboard packaging because it is becoming more integral for shipping and branding.
Here you will learn how to make custom cardboard boxes:

Step1: Break the box down:
Take a simple box and break it down from top and bottom. Unfold the tabs and take a box cutter to cut the box and unfold the tabs. Put your box down on the floor and cut one of the corners from top to bottom so you can unfold the box once more.

Step2: Cutting
Now, move the cardboard towards top or bottom so you can cut it down to size. You don’t need to push the cardboard to an edge, you have to leave extra cardboard, cut the rest of the excess cardboard from side to side.

Step3: Corner marking
Now mark the corners. Do not cut away the cardboard, just make a mark with the blade that cuts the top of the cardboard. Make another parallel cut on the other side of the item. Then move the item on its inside so one side is still on the previous cut line and make another parallel cut while the other side is at 90 degrees in the air. Put down the cardboard on the floor to finish its 180-degree roll, keep one side on the previous cut line and make another cut on the edge that touched down on the cardboard.

Step4: Folding
Now fold the cardboard along cut lines and see how easily and perfectly it will bend and form four perfect corners of the box. You must have to take the item of the cardboard and flip the cardboard over onto its other side.

Step5: Fix the sides:
Now look clearly at the four corners of the box, you will see some extra cardboard hangover. That extra part will be used to fold over to form the cap of the box.

Cut the exposed corner of the box to make four individual and perfect corners of your cardboard box. Cutting should be formed inside-out with the box cutter, start from the item and cut it away. After cutting of all four side corners like this, now make four lines on the outside edge where cardboard folds across the item. For the other side of the box, repeat the same process.

Now you will be ready to tape the box, you can tap your box all at once. Depending on the demand of your box, you chose how much tape you have to use, but a nice and neat fitting box that has been going through well-cutting stage needs a line of tape around the sides where the edges meet.

Step6: Final touch  
Congratulations! You have made a box.
You have saved money by using minimal tap and by making a cardboard on your own. If you have a fragile item to ship or give a present, then you don’t have to go to retailers to buy cardboard boxes. Use your own handmade custom box. You can get the print of your brand on your hand box. You can also change the shape of your box, for example, you can build boxes to fit things like triangular, circular or oval shapes. But that isn’t all, you can use these boxes for shopping, shipping and you can branch them out.

Advantages of Cardboard Boxes:
Cardboard boxes are used for many good reasons, the following are few of them.

Good Packaging:
The fact of the matter that packaging can distinguish most of the retailers. Most of the successful retailers set themselves different to some extent through their packaging. Packaging helps to maintain the image and reinforce the positive aspects of product ownership. If you are sending your product to customers door in a simple brown/black box then it means you are not focusing on the packaging of your product and if you don’t care about your packaging then how can you care about the quality of your product.

Brand Reinforcement:
When the customer opens the package of its product in a custom printed cardboard box, these boxes greet them with a brand logo that gives information regarding brand before they even touch the product. In this way, they associate the product with Brand name itself. The more you put an effort in your printed cardboard boxes, the more it will help you to recognize your brand. Custom Cardboard packaging always play an important role in recalling positive memories of the product.

Little things always make a big change and while choosing to ship your products your packaging must be light in weight, quality must be very good and those packaging must be moisture resistant. Most retailers buy Wholesale Cardboard Boxes in bulk. Wholesale printed cardboard boxes are very economical and don't cost high. These boxes are very unique in their designs and can go very long for shipping experience for customers. Wholesale cardboard packaging removes the misconception among all companies that most business owners have regarding custom boxes that they are very expensive.

When packaging, marketing, and branding is effective then customer always expect a quality product form the company. 

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